Synergy Positive - Inspiring Collective Performance to change the World

Our mission 

To inspire collective performance to change the World

Our beliefs

Mastering collaboration and harnessing diversity of thinking in/across organisations, businesses and sectors will be vital to helping your business solve the challenges of tomorrow

Cohesive leadership teams who lead by example will be the foundation of your success

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How we work with you

We work with organisations and their Executive and Senior teams in the following ways

Change your viewpoint

Re-examine the interconnected system of systems within which your team exists. When your team sees its world differently, your world changes. New insights have the power to transform how you might choose to serve your stakeholders into the future.

Stimulate your Curiosity

We help clients create the space, time and focus to challenge their 'golden thread' from a variety of viewpoints - all with a strategic lens, facilitating renewed commitment and re-alignment to a big vision.

Challenge your thinking

Build the rationale and skills to embrace 'cognitive friction'. Embrace the tough conversations and awareness exercises that help teams author their own compelling case and roadmap for systemically-aligned change and transformation. 

Raise your Awareness

Raise awareness and clarity for teams and leaders around their motives, behavioural styles whilst facilitating second and third-order insights into their meaning for interpersonal dynamics, team behaviours and communication.

Generate Responsibility and Action-taking

Every session forms an integral part of a coherent and co-created action plan. Mutual accountability and commitment to take action drives results.

Market-leading assessment tools

We are Independent Authorised Partners of Everything DiSC®, its family of workplace training solutions and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®. We invest teams with tailored tools, strategies and a focused priority to help foster greater trust, lower psychological risk and fuel healthy, productive dialogue around things that really matter to them.

Our Guarantee

You can be guaranteed of a personal service. We aspire to build strong, long-lasting professional relationships, where truth, transparency and a total commitment to the pursuit of excellence to serve powerfully underpins everything we say and do.

Tools for Dialogue

Teams benefit from raising their awareness of self, others and the wider inter-connected human systems they serve. Explore some of the tools we use with our clients to support their journeys

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Would your organisation value help?

Call Andy on 01603 963974 or email to find out how we can serve you